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Watch a movie while traveling, play games or just listen to music with the NEW Game-In PLAYON from the house of Mitashi. Features & Specification: 7.6 cm (2.9 inch) 40.8 mm (H) X 61.2 mm (W) TFT LCD reflective screen Li-ion Rechargeable battery Built-IN 30 games, Resolution: 160 dots (V) X 240 dots (H), Temperature range: 10-40 C, Game Playback: Supports GBA game files, Supports 32 Bits Game packs, Music Playback: Supports MP3, WMA, AAC, FLAC, APE, WAV, OGG music formats, Video Playback: Supports AVI, MP4, 3GP, FLV, MPG, DAT, RMVB video formats, Photo Playback: JPEG, BMP, PNG still photo formats, Built - in memory 2 GB, Charging time: approx 3 Hours, Maximum power consumption: 1.6 W (When fully charged), Expandable Memory up to 8GB by using USB Disk Or SD card with SD card extension. Charger, USB data cable, Earphone, SD card extension Included, 30 in built games : 1) Win or Lose: Use all kinds of the tools and your skill to catch the ball. 2) Box puzzle: Control the box and all kind of tools to move the objects to the end point, then to get the objects in the level to enter the next level. 3) Pool Pro: A guy called Jim went to participate in pool match so that he could realize his pool pro dream. 4) Final Round Tennis: Try the best to beat down the imaginative opponents down. 5) Busy Bong: This is a puzzle solving game 6) Mr. Onion: Mr. Onion must collect all the keys to reach next level. At the last level he should defeat the snowman to rescue his friend. 7) Dragon: Avoid the attack and block from the enemies, then get to the carry door. 8) Zippy Froger: Change the direction of the frog to eat all of the insects in limited time. 9) Fire Fighter: Position the spring bed in order to bump the falling fire fighter. 10) Pinball Fish: Bounce the capture ball into the fish to collect as many of them as possible. 11) Hero Legend: The legend actor use the sinker to attack the enemy let him dizzy, but you must move or jump to dodge the enemy and his arms or you’ll be dead. 12) Jewel Fever 2: In this fun puzzle game you have to help Mr. Stubbs, the fun loving pirate, collect games for his treasure chest. 13) Super Move Quest: There are several types of objects displayed on the screen. Move them so that any three or more of the same objects are connected in straight line. 14) Tiger Rescue: An enemy army has invaded your country. Their incredible weapons have overwhelmed your defenses. The only chance to stop this terrible horde is an experimental fighter in the hands of fearless pilot- you! 15) Jewel Master 2: As the jewel fall in group of three, try to line up jewel of the same shape and color. Try your best to wipe off all the jewels of the same color and shape. 16) Bump Bomb: The insects on the screen are moving, press the key to let them together then they will disappear, there is only one insects on the screen will advance to the next level. 17) Rolling Cube: Rolling the cube and let it fall into the target hole to pass a level. 18) Bubble Blaster: Ball of different color move along the track towards the player. If a ball strikes the player the game is over. To stay alive, the player must remove ball from the track. 19) Pop Ball: Control the button to emit a light column, hit the bubble to split. Hit the big bubble, it becomes small; hit the small bubble it becomes none, when it is none will enter to the next level. 20) Squirrel Bobble 2: As the top of the screen, you fire newly created ones at them. When you match 3 or more of the same kind together, they disappear. 21) Hide and Seek: There are 8 piles of grass, just keep your eyes on the goat, it hit in one of piles, as the pile weaves in and out among the others. When they stop moving, pick up one of the piles which you think the goat in, then you will win. 22) Manic Troll: Control the clip to draw up the treasures from the underground. The clip sway left and right fan the air will lose the time, so pop the clip at the right moment. 23) Rapid Stream: Round or ward the obstacles to get to the exit. Drive your boat carefully not to come into contact with the wall to bomb. 24) Hot Drop: Eat the bubble – bubble of each level. Avoid touching some of obstacles, otherwise the bubble – bubble will explode. 25) Plumber: To defeat the bugbear or escape from the attack of the bugbear. To keep away from the trap in the road and get to the end point to get the key. 26) On N Off: Select the bright or dark lamp, if the lamp selected is bright, then the other lamp round of it will turn dark, in reverse if the selected lamp is dark, then the lamp round it will bright. 27) Hanoi Tower: The dishes put on the column from the bottom up according the size from big to small. Move the dishes on the first column to the appointed column. 28) Toy Kingdom: To search the toys in all the different levels, take them to the appointed exit and leave safely. Pick up the tools to toss the enemy, die out all the enemies then enter to the next level. 29) Quick Move: Control the button to open or close the holes, and not let the ball drop into the hole. Then advance the next level. 30) Lighting Plan: A terrible accident has created in the sky above the sea. You’ll have to blast the enemy out of the skies and destroy their bases.
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