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Dashavtaar : Wooden Carved Paintings

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There are ten commonly known avatars of Vishnu. Five incarnations are placed behind the flip and five at the front. The Bhagavata Purana lists twenty-two and states that there are many more. It is generally accepted in Hinduism that Lord Vishnu is that manifestation of the Supreme God who is responsible for the preservation of the universe and for maintaining the balance between good and evil. For this purpose he descends on earth from time to time. These manifestations are known as incarnations. The 10 incarnations are:- " Matsya, the fish-avatar who saved Manu- the progenitor of mankind from the great deluge and rescued the Vedic scriptures by killing a demon. " Varaha, the boar-avatar, who rescued the earth from the ocean, by killing her kidnapper-demon Hiranyaksha " Kurma, the tortoise-avatar, who helped in the Samudra manthan- the churning of the ocean " Narasimha, the half man-half lion avatar, who killed the tyrant demon-king Hiranyakashipu, to rescue the demon's son Prahlada, who was a Vishnu-devotee " Vamana, the dwarf-avatar, who defeated the demon-king Bali " Parashurama, sage with the axe who killed the thousand-armed king Kartavirya Arjuna " Rama, the king of Ayodhya and the hero of the Hindu epic Ramayana " Krishna, the king of Dwarka, a central character in the Bhagavata Purana and the Mahabharata and recites of Bhagavad Gita " The Buddha (Gautama Buddha) meaning "the enlightened one" " Kalki ("Eternity", or "time", or "The Destroyer of foulness"), who is expected to appear at the end of Kali Yuga. Balarama, the elder brother of Krishna, is sometimes considered as one of the Dasavatar, omitting Buddha from the list. In other traditions, Balarama is considered as a partial avatar of Vishnu or an avatar of Shesha, the serpent on which Vishnu sleeps. A unique wall hanging depicts the carved art from the skilled craftsmen of Karnataka. it is carved up on single plank of teak wood which is highlighted by the vibrant shades of Oil Paint colors. Easy to hung on the wall with the help of a hook behind the hanging which will definintely add grace and charm to your home decor.
  • Size

    24 inches x 6 inches
  • Weight

    1500 Gms
  • Color/Material

    Multicolored / Teak Wood with Oil Paint
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