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String Beads Necklaces

(22 gifts)
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  • Maroon Semiprecious Stone...

    $ 8.80 / Rs. 599
  • Blue White Pearl with...

    $ 12.48 / Rs. 849
  • Tribal Oxidized Silver Blue...

    $ 10.27 / Rs. 699
  • Stunningly Designed:...

    $ 6.69 / Rs. 455
  • Pachi Pendant Set Fashion...

    $ 16.38 / Rs. 1115
  • Black & Brown Floral...

    $ 9.54 / Rs. 649
    $ 4.78 / Rs. 325
  • Green Beads Necklace

    $ 21.31 / Rs. 1450
  • Brown Beaded Choker Set :...

    $ 9.92 / Rs. 675
  • Elegant Touch: Fashion Jewelry

    $ 6.69 / Rs. 455
  • Green Beaded Choker Set :...

    $ 9.92 / Rs. 675
  • Mustard Beaded Choker Set :...

    $ 9.92 / Rs. 675
  • Blue Beaded Choker Set :...

    $ 9.92 / Rs. 675
  • Red Green Pearl with CZ...

    $ 13.59 / Rs. 925
  • Staggering Style : Beaded...

    $ 7.02 / Rs. 478
  • Trend Setting Necklace:...

    $ 4.67 / Rs. 318
  • Blue Color Gold Plated...

    $ 21.31 / Rs. 1450
  • Matt Pink Beaded Choker Set...

    $ 9.92 / Rs. 675
  • Golden Pearls Oxidized...

    $ 33.06 / Rs. 2250
  • White Drop Pacchi Necklace Set

    $ 14.68 / Rs. 999
  • Ladylike Oxidized Silver...

    $ 33.06 / Rs. 2250
  • Pearl Pride Oxidized Silver...

    $ 33.06 / Rs. 2250
  • Green Drop Pacchi Necklace Set

    $ 14.68 / Rs. 999
    $ 7.35 / Rs. 500

Gift String Bead necklaces from

Who doesn’t want to play with beads of different colors? Especially the ladies & women class, they all have loved or continue to love having beaded accessories in their wardrobe. It is with such beads that a unique look can be given to their personality. If you are looking for some kind of a special gift for your beloved or your loved ones, your mother, sister or anyone else, you can choose string bead necklaces from to suit this desire. Yes, even being an online gift portal, IGP has great & extremely unique collection of such beautiful accessories which can serve well in any form of gifting needs. There is an extensive collection of these kinds of necklaces with several different colors of beads designed uniquely to match any dress or any personality. But one thing is sure that to whoever you will present these wonderful gifts will get a spark in the way they look. A unique kind of charm is possessed by these necklaces & gets transmitted to anyone who wears them. So you can choose such beautiful neck pieces for your beloved through this unique online gift portal of IGP. Gone are the days when you can only get limited things from Online portals. Very few are there which provides extremely unique gifts to serve every gifting desire. But the case of IGP gift shop is different and you can buy colored beaded necklace sets online. The range of gifts is not limited to beaded necklaces as you can also find numerous options of other gifts as well through You can choose Y necklaces online. Also, there is exclusive range of these forms of necklaces at from where you can buy diamond & gold plated Y necklaces set online. Not only this, there are highly ethnic & unique forms of jewellery boxes available at IGP which you can also choose to present your unique gift of jewellery. If you seek help from any traditional source to deliver these gifts to distant places in India & abroad, don’t worry as IGP support provides free shipping services for gifts & products from its gift gallery. So, choose the most special & unique forms of gifts for the moist special person or persons in your life with!

Jewelry box & Jewelry gifts online

If string beads necklaces are only one thing in your list of gifts you wish to buy for someone special, you can choose as the online gift portal as there are many different forms of gifts, each being unique & extremely beautiful in itself. Along with the these kind of necklaces, if you wish to get something similar to this jewel piece, something that is also a jewelry item, you can choose best Kundan jewellery online through Also, you can add ethnic touch to the way you present gifts to that someone special by choosing jewellery box available in varying range at this gift portal. It is with these gift boxes that you can surprise your loved one as you uniquely present your jewelry gift to her. In this way, there is a unique gift served in a unique way with!

How IGP is different?

The best thing about IGP’s gifts is that they can suit any festival, occasion or mood of gifting. So, whether you wish to get jewelry for girlfriend’s birthday or for any other occasion, choose IGP!