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Ragini / Bani-Thani Paintings

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Since centuries, paintings of legendary beauties Bani thani and Ragini have been attracting art connoisseur worldwide. These beautiful Ragini / Bani-Thani paintings use good vegetable color and plywood base to make best miniature paintings for present day home decor. The Ragini / Bani-Thani Painting collection with attractive emboss work at the border using fabric pearl colors & water proof solution of Papier Mache look just so real and antique. Darning & drying is repeated three to four times throughout the process of making to provide excellent finish and unique color shades to these paintings.

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Buy Ragini Bani Thani Paintings Online

Bani Thani painting has been termed as India’s “Mona Lisa” from a very long time. This beautiful painting is quite popular among people. These paintings mostly have one beautiful woman with big attractive eyes. The sensational beauty of Bani Thani has been beautifully portrayed in many paintings. The story behind Bani Thani is very interesting. She was the mistress of Kishangarh’s seventh ruler King Sawant Singh in mid 17th century. King’s stepmother bought her as a singer in her palace and later on she became the inspiration for kishangarh artists and King too fell for her dynamic beauty. All her paintings contain a seductive charm. If you are willing to buy ragini bani thani paintings than visit to as this website is offering options for these Indian Mona Lisa paintings.

Online Shopping for Silk Paintings

There are plenty of options available for online shopping of paintings in You can get your desired painting here on this website. Bani Thani has been portrayed as Radha in many paintings and you can buy those paintings from this website as options like Ragini Bani Thani Silk Paintings, radha bani thani painting and many more painting options are available on this website.

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