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Decorative Lamps & Lanterns

  • Slendor Purple Lantern

    $ 11.02 / Rs. 750
  • Pink Glass Bottle Lantern

    $ 7.20 / Rs. 490
  • Tarka Windlight in Black

    $ 7.10 / Rs. 483
  • Sleek & Slendor

    $ 11.01 / Rs. 749
  • Mughal Era Lantern

    $ 8.52 / Rs. 580
  • A Lantern with Clear Glass

    $ 14.11 / Rs. 960
  • Red Sparkle Lanterns

    $ 7.20 / Rs. 490
  • Carved Metal Lamp 12 inches

    $ 25.71 / Rs. 1750
  • Fantasy Flame Lanterns

    $ 7.20 / Rs. 490
  • Handcrafted Stone Aroma Ball

    $ 3.53 / Rs. 240
  • SoapStone Aroma Ball

    $ 4.11 / Rs. 280
  • Leafy Oil Burner

    $ 7.20 / Rs. 490
  • Lantern in Marble

    $ 45.55 / Rs. 3100
  • SoapStone Aroma Ball

    $ 4.11 / Rs. 280
  • Handcrafted Stone Aroma Ball

    $ 3.53 / Rs. 240
  • Colourful Applique Work...

    $ 9.84 / Rs. 670
  • Colourful Cloth Lantern...

    $ 12.20 / Rs. 830
  • Beautiful Applique Work...

    $ 9.84 / Rs. 670
  • Clear Glass Glow

    $ 6.44 / Rs. 438
  • Red Glass Bottle Lantern

    $ 7.20 / Rs. 490
  • Yellow Glass Bottle Lantern

    $ 7.20 / Rs. 490
  • Peacock Panch Batti Diya

    $ 12.78 / Rs. 870
  • Fragrant wax candle in...

    $ 12.12 / Rs. 825
  • Kerela Deep

    $ 9.52 / Rs. 648

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Want to Buy Fabulous Table Lamps Online?

If you are looking out for decorating your home with something exclusive, we have a huge range of fabulous home interior products. It is a great thing to decorate home because, the place where you stay, should look beautiful and cozy so that you can relax and actually feel peaceful at home. There are a million ways you can decorate your home but the best is to give your home, a touch of trend that will refresh it and also your moods.

Showpieces are a great way to make your home look beautiful. More than showpieces, lamps work the best to make your home look attractive. Whether you are looking to buy lanterns online in India or you want to buy home decorative lamps online, we have it all. To go ahead with Lighting & Lamps Online Shopping, have a look at the listed categories below for your ease:

Glass Lanterns – Glass lanterns look gorgeous and so; make your home also look equally gorgeous. When they are not lit, they look beautiful enough to decorate any corner of your home. Be it living room or bed room, this will work well. When they are lit, the look is enhanced ten folds.

Hanging Lamps – The hanging lamps that can bear any candle or T-lite beautifully are in abundance here online.

Electric Lamps – We have a range of attractive electric lamps that run with electricity. These are printed with beautiful patterns and graphics that will make your living or bed room look fantastic.

Wooden Lamps – In the range of wooden lamps, we have standing lamps that are cylindrical in shape, the lamps that are worked with gem stone painting. Gem stone painting is the painting which is done by crushing the gem stones into pieces and then binding then with resin to paint.

Aromatherapy Lamps – The aromatherapy lamps are good to make anyone elated from the core if presented as a gift. They are a unique gifting category and also, the lamps are aromatherapy lamps which will not only accentuate the home interiors but also will delight senses.

Terracotta Lamps – Another special category of lamps that we have is terracotta lamps that are good to make anyone delighted. These look spectacular when not lit. After getting lit, the beauty enhances a lot more.

Marble Lamps – The marble lamps that we have are done with Meenakari work. Meenakari is the work that is specially done by Indian artisans and it looks more than gorgeous. These intricately worked marble lamps will make your home look fabulous.

Fabric Lamps – You can opt for the light weight fabric lamps that are meant to melt anyone’s heart. With the simplicity and attraction of these lamps, you can win over anyone’s heart by presenting these as a gift to them.

Hanging Lamps Online Shopping is Easy with!

You can buy home decoration items online here that are exclusive and fabulous. Apart from buying lamps, showpieces, etc, you can also buy Photo Frames Online. The Showpieces for living room that we have online are handpicked by experts and are meant to accentuate the home interiors marvelously.