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Metal Jewelry Boxes

(28 gifts)
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  • Red Lacquer Jewelry Box

    $ 4.70 / Rs. 320
  • Brass Embossed Wooden...

    $ 10.95 / Rs. 745
  • Oxidised Antique Look...

    $ 13.92 / Rs. 947
  • Silver Plated Carved Oval...

    $ 15.43 / Rs. 1050
  • Floral Red Mirror Trinket :...

    $ 5.00 / Rs. 340
  • Golden Lacquer Jewelry Box

    $ 8.80 / Rs. 599
  • Black Square Shaped...

    $ 1.98 / Rs. 135
  • Purple Designer Multicolour...

    $ 2.06 / Rs. 140
  • Sindoor Case : White Metal...

    $ 2.92 / Rs. 199
  • Blue Trinket Box with Pink...

    $ 2.34 / Rs. 159
  • I Love U Trinket Case :...

    $ 2.20 / Rs. 150
  • Golden Mirror Work Square Box

    $ 5.58 / Rs. 380
  • Square Designer Trinket Case

    $ 1.98 / Rs. 135
  • Black Sequin Trinket Box

    $ 2.06 / Rs. 140
  • Glittering Bluish Trinket Box

    $ 2.04 / Rs. 139
  • Green Trinket Box of...

    $ 2.34 / Rs. 159
  • Trio Love Hearts : Metal...

    $ 7.33 / Rs. 499
    $ 5.88 / Rs. 400
  • Hearty Greenish Trinket :...

    $ 2.45 / Rs. 167
  • Silver Plated Carved...

    $ 15.06 / Rs. 1025
    $ 12.49 / Rs. 850
  • Simplicity with Class

    $ 9.48 / Rs. 645
  • Majestic Touch : Metal...

    $ 15.43 / Rs. 1050
  • Exquisite White Metal...

    $ 26.16 / Rs. 1780
  • Vintage White Metal Jewelry...

    $ 20.87 / Rs. 1420
  • Majestic White Metal...

    $ 22.63 / Rs. 1540
  • Splendid White Metal...

    $ 21.75 / Rs. 1480
  • Classy White Metal Jewelry Box

    $ 34.97 / Rs. 2380
  • White Metal Premium Jewelry...

    $ 45.11 / Rs. 3070
  • An Exuberant Touch : Metal...

    $ 22.45 / Rs. 1528

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In India, there lies a gifting season in all months of a year because there are several different reasons of celebrations available. Indians are known to the world for their unique way of celebrating festivals or occasions. And any such celebration is incomplete without gifts being shared & sent to your loved ones. Especially when you wish to express your love in the form of a gift which is rooted into the Indian heritage, metal jewelry boxes are the best gift. With intricate designs over their surfaces, these are one of the best choices of gifts that can be chosen for any occasion. Along with that you can choose jewelry to fill in the empty space of the box & add a unique touch to your way of gifting. And the best thing is that you don’t have to go to any traditional market of a historically significant place for making such a choice as IGP is there online for you. Not only as gifts, but for yourself as well, you can shop for such extensive collection of Indian craft at the online gift portal of IGP. Metal is just one of the available options as there is much more to explore about. You can buy white metal which is unique in itself to be used for keeping your precious jewelry. Now that there is a range of boxes for jewelry, there is a collection of finely designed jewelry as well at IGP. You can choose pearl jewelry, floral jewelry & many other forms that are there to be chosen as a cool thing for this season’s shopping hangout. You can also buy pearl imitation jewelry available in attractive forms of pearls arranged in the form of jewel sets. Thus, whether your mood is to shop for yourself or for others as gifts, you can buy complete range of Indian jewellery box online through IGP. The best thing is that you don’t have to go anywhere to shop as you can choose what you like the most when you surf over the internet for It’s easier to go for online shopping of jewellery box in India as there is a supportive online gift portal of IGP to meet every desire of yours. So, choose the best boxes now!

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There can be a time when you wish to surprise your boyfriend with an ethnic gift. And in that, choosing jewelry gift for your boyfriend is indeed, a new cool. It’s a royal touch that comes up with using jewelry for males. The best thing is that you can choose such gifts from a reliable online gift portal named IGP. Shopping of gifts or something for oneself is made easier with as it also provides free shipping of stuff chosen from its extensive collection. So, whether you wish to buy compartments jewelry for yourself or for a friend or there is a desire of choosing silver plated jewellery boxes online, you can do that all with IGP Gift shop.

Gifts at IGP

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