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God Idols / Figures

  • Silver Tone Pagdi Ganesha

    $ 9.26 / Rs. 630
  • Marble Kamal Ganesh

    $ 6.61 / Rs. 450
  • Small Kundan Ganesha

    $ 9.92 / Rs. 675
  • Marble Choki krishna

    $ 8.08 / Rs. 550
  • Murlidhar Krishna

    $ 16.15 / Rs. 1099
  • Yashoda with Natkhat Kanha

    $ 17.62 / Rs. 1199
  • Ceramic Fridge Magnet of...

    $ 4.39 / Rs. 299
  • Black Marble Kali Maa Idol

    $ 40.04 / Rs. 2725
  • Jai Jadgambe

    $ 8.23 / Rs. 560
  • Ten Pcs of Scene of Nativity

    $ 8.82 / Rs. 600
  • Almighty Jesus

    $ 11.17 / Rs. 760
  • 8 Pcs Scene of Nativity

    $ 6.61 / Rs. 450

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Buy and Send God Idols Online

There are so many benefits of auspicious items. We can use them for interior decoration and for worship too. In Hinduism the symbol of god is worshipped in many forms. Whether idols or paintings or showpieces, auspicious home decor items are quite popular for gifting also. There are so many god and goddess in Hinduism and most of the people of the Hindu community have their favorite god and goddess. People have selected their god as per their need and for what the particular god is worshipped. According to Hinduism god is present in every available things on the earth and people worship god idols as it reflects his honor because god is concealed in it.

* In Hinduism lord Ganesha is worshipped for a new beginning. He is considered to be a good luck bringer and that may be the reason behind shopkeepers keeping lord Ganesha idol on their shop. You can buy Ganesh murti for your home or office as it will bring a positivity in your environment.
* Lord Buddha idol is also a very popular item for gifting as feng shui has made it popular worldwide. Lord Buddha is seen as the giver of peace and stability. So you can also buy Buddha statue for bringing mental peace or it will also look good as feng shui in your home.
* Maa Durga is worshipped for the demolition of evil powers and rise above negative energies combined with the anger, lust, pride and egoism. Durga is a Sanskrit word which means ‘invincible’.
* Lord Krishna is one very Popular Hindu god. His stories with Radha and his role in Mahabharata are quite famous among Indian people. Lord Krishna is worshipped to get uncompromising happiness and pleasure.
* Goddess Saraswati is the Goddess of knowledge whereas lord Shiva is the god of destruction and he is pleased easily.
* Lord Vishnu is worshipped for hope, peace and contentment. It is said that his worship brings harmony and happiness.
* Lord Hanuman is also one very famous Indian god. He is worshipped for the solution of all problems as he is also considered a teacher.
* Sai Baba is the author of Shri Sai Satcharitra and it said that he is so easily pleased. People consider him as a guide for good life.

All the above mentioned Hindu god and goddess are available on in the form of statue, paintings and showpiece. You can even get them by material like they are available in brass, silver, marble, white metal, wooden etc.

Buy Statues by Religion Online

Your favorite god idols online available on You can buy Buddha statue online from this website and there are many more options provided by this website for auspicious decor items. This website has provided categories for god & goddess idols. You can get them as per religion, material, best sellers and by discount. Some mind blowing search options for god idols for gift are-

* Bal ganesh idol for car will provide you small and beautiful god idols that will elate your car.
* Silver laxmi ganesh idol is best for giving on any special occasion as the goddess of wealth and god of prosperity will shower their blessings on the receiver.
* Kesariya ganapati is best for gifting on auspicious festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi.
* Krishna idols are popular gift items. You can buy it for yourself or give it to your dear ones on any special occasion.
* Radha Krishna idol is best for wedding gifting as the love story of Radha and Krishna is well known.
* Ganesh murti decoration will provide you artistically adorned Ganesha idols that will look perfect in your pooja room.
* Maa Durga statue is best for giving on navratri. Buy Durga idol online is an option for buying the idol of goddess of power online. You will get products categorized as per their material also.
* Apart from Hindu god and goddess idols auspicious items of other religions are also available on this website like khalsa is available for the Sikh community, book rest for keeping the Quran for Islam, cross showpiece and Jesus art crafts for the Christians and other auspicious items are available here that will fulfill your search. offers worldwide delivery of gifts. You can buy and send gifts to your dear ones along with the assurance of high quality of products and best customer service. This website also offers same day delivery of gifts and free shipping of products in India.