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Mother's Day Watches

(16 gifts)
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  • Pearl Jewel Watch

    $ 7.86 / Rs. 535
  • Golden Meena Work Watch

    $ 28.65 / Rs. 1950
  • Royal Time

    $ 14.69 / Rs. 1000
  • Jewel Wrist Watch for Her

    $ 21.89 / Rs. 1490
  • Stylish Black Wrist Watch

    $ 27.85 / Rs. 1895
  • Jeweled Wrist Watch

    / Rs.
    $ 6.91 / Rs. 470
  • Stylish Titan Karishma...

    $ 44.01 / Rs. 2995
  • Marvelous Timex Analog...

    $ 82.21 / Rs. 5595
  • Unique Designer Wrist Watch

    $ 35.19 / Rs. 2395
  • Imperial Stones Jwellery...

    $ 23.36 / Rs. 1590
  • Fastrack Metallic Wrist Watch

    $ 29.31 / Rs. 1995
  • Designer Wrist Watch

    $ 38.13 / Rs. 2595
  • Spectacular Gold Plated Watch

    $ 21.89 / Rs. 1490
  • Sophisticated Timex Analog...

    $ 79.27 / Rs. 5395
  • Designer Watch with Kundan...

    $ 14.99 / Rs. 1020
  • Alluring Timex Analog Watch...

    $ 49.89 / Rs. 3395

Buy Mother’s Day Watches Online

Mother’s day is a secular festival which is celebrated in all over the world. It is an annual celebration to honor mothers, mother figures and feeling of motherhood. Mother’s day is celebrated on different dates in different countries. Mostly it is celebrated in the month of May whereas in some countries it is celebrated in the month of March. People take this day as an opportunity to express their love and respect towards their mother.

The origin of mother’s day can be traced back from history. Ancient Greek people and Ancient Rome people used to celebrate spring festival in the honor of their maternal goddess. Early Christians in England used to celebrate mothering Sunday to honor Virgin Mary and other mothers.

Modern mother’s day was first celebrated by Anna Jarvis in 1905 in US. She started a campaign to make mother’s day a recognized holiday in US. Her campaign succeeded in 1914 when US president signed this day as an official holiday to be celebrated in the 2nd Sunday of May.

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