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Snacks / Namkeens For Mother

(29 gifts)

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  • Mathri Tea Snacks : Cookies

    $ 5.29 / Rs. 360
  • Kaju Sem Saltieez : Snacks...

    $ 12.12 / Rs. 825
  • Batisa Slice with Dryfruit...

    $ 11.90 / Rs. 810
  • 10 PC Bites with Pudina...

    $ 17.63 / Rs. 1200
  • Besan Laddoo with Kaju...

    $ 12.34 / Rs. 840
  • A Twin Surprise : Dry Fruits

    $ 17.63 / Rs. 1200
  • Kesar Peda with Dryfruit Mix

    $ 14.40 / Rs. 980
  • Pista Roll with Sem Namkeen

    $ 19.04 / Rs. 1296
  • Mini Samosa Tea Snacks :...

    $ 5.29 / Rs. 360
  • Kaju Katli with Sem Namkeen

    $ 21.16 / Rs. 1440
  • Pista Roll with Kaju Dalmoth

    $ 13.89 / Rs. 945
  • Rajasthani Kanha Masti Mix...

    $ 5.14 / Rs. 350
  • Mini Khasta Tea Snacks :...

    $ 5.29 / Rs. 360
  • Mewa Bites with Sem Namkeen

    $ 11.46 / Rs. 780
  • Batisa with Mewa Dalmoth

    $ 13.96 / Rs. 950
  • Badam Pinni with Dryfruit Mix

    $ 13.08 / Rs. 890
  • Batisa Slice with Sem Namkeen

    $ 12.49 / Rs. 850
  • Deshi Dollops with Kaju...

    $ 15.65 / Rs. 1065
  • Kanha Special Matthi

    $ 6.24 / Rs. 425
  • Besan Laddoo Samosa Cashew...

    $ 21.38 / Rs. 1455
  • Rajasthani Kanha Khatta Meetha

    $ 5.14 / Rs. 350
  • Dryfruit Mix & Bites

    $ 17.41 / Rs. 1185
  • Holi Namkeen Gift Hamper :...

    $ 47.02 / Rs. 3200
  • Rajasthani Kanha Aloo Bhujia

    $ 5.14 / Rs. 350
  • Kaju Gujiya & Kaju Dalmoth...

    $ 14.55 / Rs. 990
  • 24 PCS Mewabites with Salty...

    $ 30.12 / Rs. 2050
  • Sugarfree Bites & Dalmoth :...

    $ 14.33 / Rs. 975
  • Rajasthani Kanha Navrattan

    $ 5.14 / Rs. 350
  • Rajasthani Kanha Bhujia

    $ 5.14 / Rs. 350

Snacks and Namkeens for Mother’s Day Online

Mother’s day is celebrated in all over the world in different dates. It’s a secular festival which is mostly celebrated in the month of March or May. This festival is celebrated to honor mothers and mother figures. People take this day as an event to express their love and respect towards their mother.

The origin of mothers day has a long back history. Ancient Greek and Rome people used to celebrate spring festival to honor their maternal goddess. Early Christians in England used to celebrate mothering Sunday in the honor of Virgin Mary and all mothers.
Modern mothers day was first celebrated in US by Anna Jarvis in 1905. She started a campaign to make mother’s day a recognizable holiday in US. Her proposal was rejected by US congress. She continued her campaign and in 1914 US president signed this day as a national holiday to be celebrated on 2nd Sunday of May. This holiday was adopted by other countries and now mother’s day is celebrated in all over the world.

Have you decided how you will be celebrating this mother’s day? You can plan surprises for your mom to elate her. Snacks for mother’s day are available at Crunchy and tangy mixture and namkeen is a best evening snack which tastes great when combined with tea or coffee. has provided options for mother’s day snacks and namkeens.

Snacks and Namkeens for Mother’s Day at

Tickle the taste buds of your mother and mother figures on this mothers day with snacks and mixtures available at gift store. Dry fruits enriched healthy snacks gifts for mother are provided by this website. Buy snacks for mothers day online from this website as options are available on this website for online grocery shopping.

Delight your mother, mom, mummy, mum, mother in law and all the mother figures present in your life with some good snacks for mothers available on This website has provided options for mother’s day gifting. Along with snacks some more exciting mother's day gift ideas of this website are-

Buy namkeen for mother's day online is the options that will provide you snacks available at gift store.
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Sugar free sweets for mother’s day are best for gifting to those mothers who are diabetic or very much concerned about their health.
Chocolate mother’s day gifts will provide you lip smacking chocolates including handmade, imported chocolates available at gift store.

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