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Mother's Dry Fruits

(37 gifts)
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  • Dry fruit tray with gems...

    $ 9.18 / Rs. 625
  • Meenakari Box with Dry Fruits

    $ 16.75 / Rs. 1140
  • Silver Plated Bowl and Spoon

    $ 9.77 / Rs. 665
  • Gem Stone Painted Box with...

    $ 12.34 / Rs. 840
  • silver and gold plated bowl...

    $ 12.34 / Rs. 840
  • Wooden Embossed Rajasthani...

    $ 16.31 / Rs. 1110
  • Square Shaped Dry Fruit Box

    $ 14.40 / Rs. 980
  • Exceptionally designed box...

    $ 23.51 / Rs. 1600
  • Traditional Dry Fruit box

    $ 15.36 / Rs. 1045
  • Hexagonal Wooden Dry Fruit Box

    $ 17.71 / Rs. 1205
  • Bikaneri Bhujiya Cashew Combo

    $ 18.07 / Rs. 1230
  • Trendy dry fruit box

    $ 14.68 / Rs. 999
  • A beautifully crafted dry...

    $ 17.19 / Rs. 1170
  • Two Golden Bowls and Tray...

    $ 19.10 / Rs. 1300
  • 3 in 1 Dryfruit Can Combo

    $ 19.84 / Rs. 1350
  • Dryfruit Box with Jems...

    $ 20.06 / Rs. 1365
  • Designer Bowl with Spoon

    $ 22.48 / Rs. 1530
  • Marble Dry Fruit Containers

    $ 23.80 / Rs. 1620
  • Oxidized Dry Fruit Box

    $ 23.51 / Rs. 1600
  • Set of Three Bowls, Tray...

    $ 41.58 / Rs. 2830
  • Meenakari designed box with...

    $ 20.28 / Rs. 1380
  • Gold Plated Bowls Set

    $ 25.05 / Rs. 1705
  • Set of Marble Containers

    $ 35.41 / Rs. 2410
  • Mix dry fruit duck shaped...

    $ 16.31 / Rs. 1110
  • 400 Gms 4 in 1 Dryfruit Bowl

    $ 25.57 / Rs. 1740
  • 400 Gms Dryfruits Box

    $ 20.34 / Rs. 1384
  • 300 Gms Dryfruits Box

    $ 15.87 / Rs. 1080
  • Classic Collection Dryfruits

    $ 21.16 / Rs. 1440
  • 200 Gms Pistachios bowl :...

    $ 19.84 / Rs. 1350
  • 4 Bowls Dryfruit Tray : Dry...

    $ 27.18 / Rs. 1850
  • A Pair of Dryfruit Bowls :...

    $ 18.51 / Rs. 1260
  • Starry Almonds Bowl :...

    $ 20.28 / Rs. 1380

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Send Delicious Dry Fruits for Mother's Day via!

If you are looking for heartwarming gifts for Mother’s Day, we are here with a huge collection of special gifts for your mom that she will be delighted to receive from you. Your darling mummy has taught every small to big thing in your life which is why, you are what you are today. This is the reason why, one of the most special relationships is definitely the relation a mother shares with her kid or kids. To make this relationship all the more loveable and to acknowledge the selfless efforts that a mom puts towards bringing her child up, Mothers Day is celebrated.

Different people have their own different ways to celebrate this special day. While some people take some time out and visit their mother if they are at a distance, some people make their mum feel elated and pampered by taking her out to a holiday, shopping or to dine and some people surprise their mothers with special gifts. If you are the later one and want to elate your mother or mother in law, with sending her a fabulous gift, you can do it through us very easily. It is a great idea to make your mom delighted with sending her dry fruits as with it, you can show how much you care about her. You can buy dry fruits online, here. Dried Fruits are one of the most delicious and rich gifts to send to anyone and specially to your mom on Mothers Day. You can go ahead with online Dry Fruit Shopping, here with us easily. You can buy dry fruit tray for your Mummy and send it with just one click.

Best is to Send Dry Fruits for Mother’s Day!

Let your darling mom feel special and loved on the special occasion of Mother’s Day by presenting her with unique gifts available here online. One of the best ideas for mothers day is to go ahead with Mother’s day Flowers and dry fruit gifts, as dry fruits will delight her taste buds while flowers will make her smile gleefully. Flowers are always welcomed as a gift by everyone. We have an array of flowers online that will make your sweet mother happy from the core. You can go ahead with flower combos as well, that comprise of everything delightful like cakes, chocolates and more.

Order online Mother’s Day cakes and celebrate with letting your mom cut the cake and savour the taste. Your delicious gift of cake will make her feel special and pave a path of love to her heart. Best gift for mom truly depends upon her choices but, the collection that we have here, will surely make her smile and will be liked by her.

Send Dry Fruits for Mothers Hassle Free via

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