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Chocolates for Karvachauth

(58 gifts)

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  • Lindt Excellence Dark...

    $ 10.29 / Rs. 700
  • Almonds Milk Chocolates and...

    $ 11.17 / Rs. 760
  • Imported Chocolate with...

    $ 10.27 / Rs. 699
  • Vochelle Hazelnuts Milk...

    $ 8.45 / Rs. 575
  • Silver Combo Of...

    $ 22.78 / Rs. 1550
  • Cadbury Oreo Soft Cake and...

    $ 7.35 / Rs. 500
  • Imported Assorted Chocolates

    $ 9.55 / Rs. 650
  • Hersheys Chocolate Bars...

    $ 20.57 / Rs. 1400
  • Ferrero Rocher with Teddy...

    $ 22.78 / Rs. 1550
  • Good Luck Plant with Coffee...

    $ 11.02 / Rs. 750
  • Wooden Box of Assorted...

    $ 11.02 / Rs. 750
  • Chocolates in a Cane Basket

    $ 18.37 / Rs. 1250
  • Bunny Basket of Perk Mini...

    $ 9.70 / Rs. 660
  • Siafa Ajwa Chocolate

    $ 23.73 / Rs. 1615
  • Folding Box of Homemade...

    $ 9.55 / Rs. 650
  • Dark Chocolate Bar with...

    $ 4.04 / Rs. 275
  • Lindt Excellence Chocolate...

    $ 14.69 / Rs. 1000
  • White Chocolate Bar with Oreo

    $ 4.04 / Rs. 275
  • Almonds Chocolate Box

    $ 9.55 / Rs. 650
  • Delicious Lindt Swiss...

    $ 37.47 / Rs. 2550
  • Heptagonal Chocolates in a Box

    $ 9.55 / Rs. 650
  • Mars Mini Chocolate Potli...

    $ 19.10 / Rs. 1300
  • Truffle Chocolates in...

    $ 5.13 / Rs. 349
  • Snickers and Toblerone Combo

    $ 8.82 / Rs. 600
  • Auston Milk and White...

    $ 8.82 / Rs. 600
  • Lindt Swiss Thins Milk...

    $ 19.84 / Rs. 1350
  • Combo of Chocolate and Pen Box

    $ 18.37 / Rs. 1250
  • Imported Chocolates Hamper

    $ 31.96 / Rs. 2175
  • 4 in 1 Dairy Milk Treat

    $ 13.22 / Rs. 900
  • White Chocolate Bar Topped...

    $ 4.04 / Rs. 275
  • Cherir Chocolates and...

    $ 11.76 / Rs. 800
  • Cookies and Chocolates in...

    $ 23.07 / Rs. 1570

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Buy the Best Quality Chocolates for Karwa Chauth

What better way to experience the festive season of karvachauth than to send karvachauth gifts to your beloved. Many people think Karvachauth is just a festival of the women asking for longevity and good health through prayers to the mood god. While this is true there is also another part of the festival which people sometimes tend to forget the offering of gifts which the husbands must do. That is an integral part of the festival. Husbands show their appreciation for all the love that their wives have shown them through the gesture of giving gifts. These gifts are very important due to the fact that it resembles the husband’s care towards their wives and since this festival only takes place once a year is vital that you pick a good gift for your wife. What better gift to give than the amazing chocolates which will melt your wife’s heart.

Online Shopping Karvachauth Chocolates at IGP

Get the best selection of chocolates from the online IGP store. They offer some amazing selection of chocolates which include various types. Everyone doesn’t like all the types of chocolates which are found in the market but you will find every variety of chocolate there is at the IGP store. They offer Ferrero Rochers, Cadbury and all the top brands. And do not just expect single chocolate bars these packages come complete with flowers as well. This Flower with Chocolates for Karvachauth, send sugarfree sweets to mother in law, sweets for sargi is an exceptional gift. You also have the option of selecting from white and dark chocolates as these are the two most common types of chocolates available. Experience the joy of seeing your wife open a wonderfully packaged bag which contains tongue melting chocolates. There are very few pleasures which are greater than that. A wide selection of dry fruit based chocolates can also be found including products by Cadbury and D’ Arco. You can buy these chocolate packages at very affordable rates and since IGP also offers free shipping this is the best deal you will get. The packaging of these chocolates also stands out as a major part of the gift is how to present it. All the chocolate packages are either in boxes of gold and other attractive colours or in special bags. They are also laced with ribbons to add that extra bit to the decoration.

Send Karva Chauth Chocolates Online at No Extra Cost

The karwachauth gifts you will find at IGP are unlike any you will come across simple because of their sheer quality and efficient delivery. The IGP deliveries are always on time and you can be sure that you will never have to wait for the gift to arrive as they are really quick about the matter. IGP also provides shipping to all the common locations like usa, uk, london, delhi, noida, Kanpur. You are able to buy karwa chauth gifts and send them to your beloved even if you are living abroad.