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Holi Special for UK

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  • Four Packs of Gulal for UK...

    $ 20.00 / Rs. 1360
  • Paper Mache Bhai Dooj Tikka...

    $ 14.00 / Rs. 952
  • Three Gulal Colors Combo...

    $ 19.00 / Rs. 1292
  • Bhai Dooj Tikka in Envelop...

    $ 14.00 / Rs. 952
  • Fancy Toy Hand Gun for UK...

    $ 19.00 / Rs. 1292
  • Holi Toy Gun for Delivery...

    $ 25.00 / Rs. 1700
  • Pink and Yellow Gulal for...

    $ 14.00 / Rs. 952
  • Fish Splash Water Gun for UK

    $ 14.00 / Rs. 952
  • Ferrari Water Tank Gun...

    $ 43.00 / Rs. 2924
  • 4 in 1 Gulal Combo for UK

    $ 14.00 / Rs. 952
  • Cock Brand Gulal Wishes for UK

    $ 14.00 / Rs. 952
  • Cock Brand 2 in 1 Gulal...

    $ 14.00 / Rs. 952
  • Colored Spray Gun Pichkari...

    $ 20.00 / Rs. 1360
  • 2 in 1 Gulal Greetings for UK

    $ 14.00 / Rs. 952
  • Cock Brand 6 in 1 Gulal...

    $ 15.00 / Rs. 1020
  • Cock Brand 4 in 1 Gulal...

    $ 14.00 / Rs. 952

Holi Gifts Delivery in UK Online

Holi is an ancient festival of Hindu community. It is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm by both Hindus and non-Hindus. Holi is celebrated as a spring festival and people play with colors to share the joy of this festival. Holi conveys the message of love, trust and brotherhood. People take holi festival as a new start. It’s a time to forgive and forget. Holi festival plays an important role in building the social harmony among people of all communities. This festival is celebrated by non-Hindus also as everyone wants to be a part of this colorful and joyous festival.

There are many mythological stories associated with the origin of holi festival. Story of demon king “Hiranyakashyap” and his son “Prahlad” is quite popular with the origin of this festival. Hiranyakashyap was killed on this day by lord Vishnu as Narsimha when he tried to punish his son who was devotional to Lord Vishnu. One more story of Holika who was the evil sister of the demon king is associated with the customs of holi celebration. Holika had the power to resist fire and she got herself burned when she tried to tirck her niece.

Holi celebration starts in the night before holi with holika bonfire. The bonfire is the symbolic victory of good over evil. People play with colors on holi. Story of lord Krishna and Radha is linked with the playing of colors in holi.

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