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Ganesh Chaturthi Gifts

  • Classic Mawa Modak Pack

    $ 6.61 / Rs. 450
  • Ganesha Painting Puja Kit

    $ 13.22 / Rs. 900
  • Delicious Kesar Modak Pack

    $ 13.22 / Rs. 900
  • Marble Chowki with Ganesha...

    $ 9.99 / Rs. 680
  • Gajmukh

    $ 2.19 / Rs. 149
  • Marble Tray with Turban...

    $ 12.49 / Rs. 850
  • Round Marble Chopra

    $ 5.00 / Rs. 340
  • Pious Light

    $ 5.86 / Rs. 399
  • Puja Thali with Marble Diya

    $ 9.55 / Rs. 650
  • Vividly Crafted

    $ 2.64 / Rs. 180
  • Omm (Aum) Wall Hanging

    $ 10.27 / Rs. 699
  • Manual Ceiling fan shaped...

    $ 11.24 / Rs. 765
  • Ucchista Ganapati

    $ 2.87 / Rs. 195
  • Round Base Marble Ganesha

    $ 5.86 / Rs. 399
  • Picturesque Ganesha

    $ 2.94 / Rs. 200
  • Meena & Kundan Worked...

    $ 7.71 / Rs. 525
  • Gift Ganesha With Gold Finish

    $ 6.47 / Rs. 440
  • Marble Tray with Turban...

    $ 12.49 / Rs. 850
  • Bunch of Ten Yellow...

    $ 7.33 / Rs. 499
  • Bunch of Ten Mix Color...

    $ 5.86 / Rs. 399
  • 6 Adorable Pink Carnations...

    $ 9.54 / Rs. 649

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When Is Ganesh Chaturthi In 2016?

The festival of honouring Lord Ganesha’s birth is known as Ganesh Chaturthi or Vinayak Chaturthi. This is the most loved festival of India and also is celebrated by all the Indians around the world. This festival brings people from different casts and creed, together. Many people, not necessarily Hindu, also celebrate this festival with utmost frevour as this is the festival of that god, who is known to remove all obstacles from life, he is responsible for a new and happy beginning and also he makes everyone’s life prosperous. Every year, the clay idols of Lord Ganesha are started to be made three months prior. In this festival, his idols are brought home and welcomed. He is worshiped with all the fun and joy and then with a huge procession, people bid an adieu to him. This process is called Ganesh Visarjan.

In 2016, Ganesh Chaturthi is falling on 5th September.

On this auspicious festival, people celebrate the birth of Lord Ganesha and for that, they make huge preparations. Fasts are kept, also day and night; the houses are lit with loud music and celebrations. He is welcomed home and worshiped with great enthusiasm. For such a special day, we have a huge assortment of gifts that will delight your dear ones even more. For this Ganpati Chaturthi Pooja, get the best Ganesh Chaturthi gifts right here.

Want Siddhivinayak Ganpati Idols Online?

Siddhivinayak is a popular name of Lord Ganesha who abolishes all the obstacles of life and also in the Siddhivinayak temple; it is believed that if you pray with all your heart, your wishes are granted by Lord Siddhivinayak. Lord Ganesha idols are considered very auspicious and also these idols are kept in everyone’s mandir for worship. Get fabulous Ganesha Idols online here.

Brass Ganesha Murti ? Have a look at the spectacular category of brass Ganesha murti that will look superb while providing with all the holy benefits. This is a great gift for Ganesha Chaturthi.

Terracotta Ganesh Idols ? These are again a very beautiful option to go ahead with this Ganesh Chaturthi. Find the fabulous looking Ganesha idols that are super expressive as well. These make a great décor object as well, along with all the auspiciousness.

Also, for this Ganesha Utsav festival, we have other amazing and thoughtful gifts such as Indian sweets. Indian sweets are utterly delicious and lip smacking. These are world famous and just unmatchable. So for this great occasion, we have a bundle of mouth watering sweets for you to delight your dear ones. Dry fruits will also make a very suitable and sumptuous gift for this holy festival. For more innovative and unique gifts for this festival, consider our accessories for Ganesha and also the door hangings which are again considered to be very auspicious.

Why Send Ganesha Chaturthi Gifts Online With

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