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Santa Claus / Soft Toys

(39 gifts)
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  • White foot print teddy with...

    $ 6.36 / Rs. 420
  • Santa Claus

    $ 6.67 / Rs. 440
  • Red Colour Teddy with Santa...

    $ 11.97 / Rs. 790
  • Santa Pillow in Red and...

    $ 7.42 / Rs. 490
  • Sweet Santa : Santa Claus /...

    $ 8.83 / Rs. 583
  • Cream Colour Teddy with...

    $ 8.94 / Rs. 590
  • Brown Teddy with Santa Cap

    $ 16.14 / Rs. 1065
  • Brown Colour Teddy with...

    $ 10.45 / Rs. 690
  • Santa Claus

    $ 11.21 / Rs. 740
  • Soft Fur Teddy with Santa Cap

    $ 16.14 / Rs. 1065
  • Cream Colour Teddy with...

    $ 11.97 / Rs. 790
  • Santa with Bell : Santa...

    $ 12.67 / Rs. 836
  • White Teddy with Santa Cap

    $ 13.11 / Rs. 865
  • Snowy Cozy Santa : Santa...

    $ 13.89 / Rs. 917
  • White Teddy with Santa Cap

    $ 7.05 / Rs. 465
  • A Snowy Bear : Santa Claus...

    $ 9.85 / Rs. 650
  • Brown Teddy with Santa Cap

    $ 21.52 / Rs. 1420
  • Brown Colour Teddy with...

    $ 23.33 / Rs. 1540
  • A Cuddlesome Santa : Santa...

    $ 9.70 / Rs. 640
  • A Cute Santa : Santa Claus...

    $ 7.80 / Rs. 515
  • Furry Santa : Santa Claus /...

    $ 4.17 / Rs. 275
  • A Lovely Santa Boy : Santa...

    $ 9.47 / Rs. 625
  • Bunny Santa : Santa Claus /...

    $ 20.71 / Rs. 1367
  • Graduation Teddy Bear

    $ 12.35 / Rs. 815
  • Colorful Caterpillar : Soft...

    $ 11.97 / Rs. 790
    $ 7.27 / Rs. 480
  • Hugging Couple Teddy Bears

    $ 12.58 / Rs. 830
  • Santa Boy

    $ 4.09 / Rs. 270
  • Teddy with Santa Cap

    $ 12.35 / Rs. 815
  • Dressed in Style : Love...

    $ 11.94 / Rs. 788
  • A Lovable Teddy : Teddy Bears

    $ 6.29 / Rs. 415
  • Cream Colour Teddy with...

    $ 5.91 / Rs. 390
  • Cute Love Teddy

    $ 12.35 / Rs. 815

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Send Cute Santa Claus Gifts on Christmas

Christmas literally means “Mass of Christ”. It is celebrated to mark the birthday of Jesus Christ, the messenger of God who spread the message of love and peace. People celebrate by decorating their houses with decorative items and prepare tasty delicacies like cookies, muffins, cakes and chocolates. Santa Claus, the big fat man with pot belly dressed in red furry clothes is associated with Christmas and is believed to deliver gifts to children at midnight when they are asleep. Hence gifting is an inevitable part of Christmas celebrations. Soft toys as Christmas gifts are catching up with other trends. If you wish to Send Santa Claus Christmas Gifts to your family and friends on Christmas then it is possible to send it online without taking the pains to go to swelling markets. Indian Gifts Portal, the most popular online gift store of India is known for its exquisite and trendy gifts that are available at affordable prices. is has answer to all your gifting needs. Whether you are celebrating wedding, anniversary, birthday, Valentine’s Day, Boss Day, Grandparent’s Day, house warming or Baby shower, we have a spectacular assortment of gifts for all occasions. You can go for Santa Claus Toys Online Shopping on to pamper your loved ones on Christmas. We at have adorable toys like soft toys of Disney characters, games like Angry Birds, and Santa Claus Soft Toys to make your dear ones feel special.

Buy Soft Toys Online on Christmas houses an elegant collection of soft toys that are adorable like cuddly teddy bear, Mickey Mouse, Tom and Jerry stuffed toys, Noddy, Doraemon, hugging bears soft toys, bunny, Pikachu from Pokémon, Doraemon, bunny rabbit, Popeye and more. Buy lovely Santa Claus Stuffed Toys Online from and give your dear friends and family members a reason to smile on this Christmas. That’s not all; you can also buy Santa Claus caps Online from to get the feel of Santa Claus and his cheery presence. This is a really enjoyable combination of celebration as Christmas is followed by New Year. Send Christmas New Year Combo Gifts Online from like buy Santa Claus online paired with freshly picked flowers bouquet or chocolate hampers from IGP India and welcome lively festivities and New Year in a unique way. Christmas Gifts Tree is also a splendid trend that is followed excitedly by all. Gift your loved ones an adorable Christmas tree that comes to wish them Merry Christmas. You can pair it with a box of lip smacking imported chocolates or soft toys and candles to make the celebration memorable. A Pool of Amazing Gift Ideas

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