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Birthday Gifts For Babies

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If you want to pamper your adorable baby with lovely gifts that it will cherish forever then take a peek at the amazing collection of adorable baby birthday gifts that we have here.

  • Stunning Girl Gift Basket

    $ 19.32 / Rs. 1315
  • Johnson Baby Wipes with...

    $ 3.67 / Rs. 250
  • White Guitar Personalize...

    $ 10.14 / Rs. 690
  • Bottle Cover with Bib...

    $ 13.96 / Rs. 950
  • Cute Pink Rabbit Pillow

    $ 9.04 / Rs. 615
  • White Personalize Photo...

    $ 11.74 / Rs. 799
  • Premium Gift Set

    $ 11.01 / Rs. 749
  • Fisher Price Stack and Roll...

    $ 9.54 / Rs. 649
  • Little Apple Doll

    $ 9.55 / Rs. 650
  • Grooming Gift Box for Kids

    $ 12.20 / Rs. 830
  • Bunny Bottle Cover : Baby Toys

    $ 3.53 / Rs. 240
  • Personalized Elephant Photo...

    $ 9.55 / Rs. 650
  • Cute Blue Personalized...

    $ 7.05 / Rs. 480
  • Johnson Baby Care Kit with...

    $ 11.24 / Rs. 765
  • Fisher Price Bead Ball Game

    $ 8.80 / Rs. 599
  • Fisher Price Blocks &...

    $ 13.22 / Rs. 900
  • Cute Tom Cat Piggy Bank

    $ 6.24 / Rs. 425
  • Fantastic Gifts Set for kids

    $ 21.67 / Rs. 1475
  • Cartoon Baby Frame with...

    $ 11.39 / Rs. 775
  • Classy Little Angels Music...

    $ 14.11 / Rs. 960
  • Arch for Stroller and Car Seat

    $ 16.02 / Rs. 1090
  • Baby Feeding Bowl with...

    $ 13.67 / Rs. 930
  • Baby Hamper of Wipes Powder...

    $ 19.03 / Rs. 1295
  • Baby Soap with Blanket and...

    $ 12.49 / Rs. 850
  • Baby Head Pillow with Wipes...

    $ 17.62 / Rs. 1199
  • White Teddy with Porcelain...

    $ 6.61 / Rs. 450
  • Toy Engine Photo Frame

    $ 4.85 / Rs. 330
  • Baby Frame with Bottle...

    $ 21.29 / Rs. 1449
  • Net Bag of Baby Bibs Gloves...

    $ 9.55 / Rs. 650
  • Porcelain Triple Heart...

    $ 9.04 / Rs. 615
  • Jocund Insect Toy

    $ 8.08 / Rs. 550
  • Basket of Frame with Baby...

    $ 15.06 / Rs. 1025

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Buy Baby Birthday Gifts Online!

A new born brings brand new life to the parents. Not only that cute little baby is a delicate human being but in fact is unaware of the world he/she has entered just now. Gifting ideology for a baby thus becomes quite hypothetical as we are completely unaware of recipient’s likes or dislikes. Then what? Drop the idea of gifting? No. Just be more practical. Add feelings to your gift and your choice will turn out to be best. Think of useful gifts which can attract new born’s curiosity and are useful. But remember, considering birthday gifts for babies, is a way to delight both mom and baby! Sending birthday gifts for babies on occasion like baby shower or first birthday party is significant but don’t forget new mother as well. Here are few suggestions on birthday gifts for baby girl or boy.

Top 5 Birthday Gifts Ideas for Kids / babies

Being funny and creative is the key to buy birthday gifts for babies. A new born birthday is the time to add joy to the celebration and let newly parents appreciate your efforts for making birthday eve more special, enjoyable and memorable. How? Order a diaper cake. Yes, you heard it right! Out of given below birthday gifts for kids or babies, diaper cake is one of the most funny yet meaningful gift that you can present to your loved one’s new born or probably can order on your own little angel’s birthday. Online portals like ours provide easy custom services just a click away.

Second birthday gift idea for babies is baby gift basket. Enjoy the access of online gift portals like IGP. We offer huge range of baby gifts that you can pick as per your own will. You can customize baby gifts basket with your own cool ideas to add delight of surprises to the gift. Now coming to third useful birthday gifts for babies, nursery furniture such as crib, changing table, dresser etc are standard gifts that you can consider. Explore ?gifts for kids’ section to know more.

Besides above mentioned options, engraved initials are also very much in trend and are mostly liked by parents. Consider any hard gift that you can engrave with baby’s name or slogan for the new family and you will spread happiness across! Fifth and finally exciting birthday gifts for babies can be personalized gifts. A source of affection, these are ideal to add your personal touch to the gift and make your gift a memory!

Why Buy gifts from IGP (Indian Gifts Portal) online shop?

A reason behind IGP existence is to make your gifting a pleasurable experience. Online marketplace offers ease to buyers. While we keep that aspect in mind, we also ensure that you experience fast and convenient shopping as well which is why we offer free delivery and fast shipping across India, UK, USA and Australia. When you shop with us you have freedom to explore different categories such as wedding gifts, anniversary gifts, birthday gifts for kids, mother, father, wife, husband etc. where you can find exclusive range of products to match everyone’s taste and desires. Unlike other online retailer stores we work closely with a receiver’s experience and let your loved ones enjoy best gifting experience.