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Buy Heart Shaped Soft Toys

(56 gifts)

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  • Red Hanging Heart with Love...

    $ 4.85 / Rs. 330
  • I Love You Teddy Combo

    $ 20.42 / Rs. 1390
  • Teddy Couple Chocolate Heart

    $ 6.32 / Rs. 430
  • Velvet Love Hanging

    $ 8.52 / Rs. 580
  • Three Hearts Teddy Bears

    $ 10.29 / Rs. 700
  • Love Couple Heart

    $ 10.14 / Rs. 690
  • Hanging Teddy Couple Heart

    $ 17.49 / Rs. 1190
  • Hanging love Teddies

    $ 4.85 / Rs. 330
  • Creative Heart Shaped Hanging

    $ 5.58 / Rs. 380
  • Bunny For U : Soft Animals

    $ 14.06 / Rs. 957
  • Heart Shape Soft Toy with I...

    $ 3.75 / Rs. 255
  • Rosebuds Hanging Love Heart

    $ 14.18 / Rs. 965
  • Heart Hugging Teddy Bear

    $ 5.95 / Rs. 405
  • Red Colour Heart Soft Toy

    $ 3.82 / Rs. 260
  • Zipper Heart with TRUE LOVE

    $ 3.23 / Rs. 220
  • Red and White Heart Shape...

    $ 3.01 / Rs. 205
  • Heart Hugging Teddy Couple

    $ 9.70 / Rs. 660
  • Love Heart Hanging

    $ 12.86 / Rs. 875
  • Teddy Couple on Pink Heart...

    $ 6.83 / Rs. 465
  • Red Heart Hanging

    $ 22.04 / Rs. 1500
  • Heart Shaped Soft Toy

    $ 4.19 / Rs. 285
  • Heartbeats: Valentine Day...

    $ 3.38 / Rs. 230
  • I Love You Hanging

    $ 6.32 / Rs. 430
  • Adorable Teddy Bear

    $ 8.38 / Rs. 570
  • Hearty Love Ride : Heart...

    $ 18.00 / Rs. 1225
  • Pink Fur Heart Soft Toy

    $ 3.82 / Rs. 260
  • Red Heart Soft Toy

    $ 5.00 / Rs. 340
  • Love Ride : Heart Shaped...

    $ 6.17 / Rs. 420
  • Teddy Heart Hanging

    $ 8.52 / Rs. 580
  • Wall Hanging Heart

    $ 10.14 / Rs. 690
  • Hanging Love Heart

    $ 6.61 / Rs. 450
  • Teddy Bear Heart Soft Toy

    $ 3.60 / Rs. 245

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Buy Heart Shaped Soft Toys Online at!

Heart shape stand for love and this is just needless to say! Heart shape gifts are the best to communicate your true emotions as these have the best capacity to touch anyone to the core. When they are heart shape soft toys, all the better. Soft toys are as it is, truly loveable and much desirable as gifts. We have soft toys that are not only cuddlesome but also very interesting. Specially in the heart shape soft toys range, we will shower you with a bunch of options. Be it a gift to your lovely friend or a gift to your Valentine on Valentine’s Day, they work just wonderfully.

In the range of these soft toys, we have a huge collection. Have a look:

Heart Shaped Pillow Cum Soft Toy- Gifting someone a heart shape pillow cum soft toy solves two purposes. One is to make your heartfelt emotions evident and second is to make your presence felt always. A pillow is very near to anyone while sleeping, so stay very close to the one you love by presenting him or her with an adorable pillow. It will make anyone sleep cozy and comfortable. These heart shape pillow will also do good to your car seats, sofa backs, etc.

Buy Love Heart Teddy - Love heart teddy simply means a teddy that is holding a heart shape with love mentioned in text. While you express your feelings in front of anyone, it is very important to choose the right way. Best is to say it without having to speak. To do that, gift a cute teddy that holds an adorable heart with love. Your job is done! The love heart teddies not only do wonders to your beloved but also do wonders to anyone else presented to, because, they are endearing enough to captivate anyone.

Looking to Buy Heart Shaped Plush Toys?

In our delightful range of soft toys, we also let you browse through a collection for other interning gifts like soft dolls. These dolls are so amazing and attractive that she will be elated to receive them. Other inserting gifts are listed below, have a look:

Baby musical toys - To delight a baby, best is to show him some colourful thing or to elate him with some melodious music. Just to hit the right chord in the baby’s heart, we have spectacular musical toys that will make him happy and smile gleefully.

You can buy teddy bear with red heart soft toy online easily with just one click here. While we offer you a pool of amazing gifts at the luxury of sitting at home and browsing, we also delight our patrons with special services like free shipping and same day delivery.

Send Heart Shaped Stuffed Toys Online with Hassle Free

Here, you will get amazed with sublime collection of gifts that are curated by experts. With years of experience in the gifting industry, we are able to bring you nothing but the best for every person and every occasion. Gifting with us will let you have the best experience of gifting online.