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Buy Candles for Her

(17 gifts)
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  • Frangipane Hearty Candle :...

    $ 4.04 / Rs. 275
  • A Candle Votive with an...

    $ 6.76 / Rs. 460
    $ 5.57 / Rs. 379
  • Wick Wonder Perfumed Candles

    $ 4.63 / Rs. 315
  • White Wonders Perfumed Candles

    $ 3.67 / Rs. 250
  • Leafy Oil Burner : Marble...

    $ 7.20 / Rs. 490
  • Solid Scents Perfumed Candles

    $ 4.56 / Rs. 310
    $ 3.09 / Rs. 210
  • Buddha Wax Candle

    $ 8.82 / Rs. 600
  • Frangipane Ocean Rose...

    $ 12.05 / Rs. 820
  • Strawberry Incense Candle...

    $ 4.63 / Rs. 315
  • Divine Glow Perfumed Candles

    $ 2.64 / Rs. 180
  • Rachavadee Rose Gift Box :...

    $ 4.33 / Rs. 295
  • Aromatic Ocean Gift Box :...

    $ 10.87 / Rs. 740
    $ 4.33 / Rs. 295
  • Exotic Resplendence : Candles

    $ 5.11 / Rs. 348
  • Divya Jyoti Perfumed Candles

    $ 6.98 / Rs. 475
  • Candle Cadence Perfumed...

    $ 5.00 / Rs. 340
  • Char Dham Perfumed Candles

    $ 5.51 / Rs. 375
  • Vanilla Jasmine Gift Box :...

    $ 4.33 / Rs. 295

Candles and Fragrances gifts for your beloved

Searching for a gift for her? Want something offbeat and something that leaves an impression? Tough deal? Not anymore. Because for your special one, there must be something that is special too. And we have it in this category. This category has some really cool and exotic designer candles which come with their extravagant fragrances. Imagine yourself with her in your space, you lighten up those candles and switch all the other lights of the room off. These candles will fill the aura up with their resplendent light and enticing fragrances and the moment will redefine the facets of romance once again for you two. Well! We would recommend you to keep your room’s windows open and let the winds blow the curtain and let the candle light glitter more with twinkles. Won’t that be something much more than just special? So go ahead, checkout our collections of candles and fragrances gifts for her.

Send Candles & Home Fragrances to her

This category has a really cool collection of designer candles with fragrances. They make a perfect gift for her on any occasion; be it her birthday, your marriage day gifts, Valentine’s Day, or any other day of special importance for you two. With their unparalleled elegance, beautiful designs and aesthetic visual appeal, these candles make an unchallengeable romantic gift for your girlfriend or spouse. These candles doesn’t only have their utility value but they will definitely be a great addition to your beloved’s home decors. They come in many different designs and shapes that they will fit anywhere in the home and complement her interiors. Just so you know, we have products like wooden T-light holder with a beautiful floral design, a pack of six round and white perfumed votive candles embossed with dried flower, Lemon Grass aroma candle and aroma Oil with Ceramic Burner, Lavender aroma reed diffusion with a ceramic pot, a box of designer lily incense orange color candles. These are just a few of them. Go through our whole collection and find out one coolest gift for her. Trust us, it is one of the best romantic and love gifts for your girlfriend.

Apart from this, you may give a thought to gift photo frames for her, diamond jewelry for her, our category of anniversary gifts for her might also help you find out the most appropriate romantic gift for her. India’s most reliable gift store

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