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Chess & Checkers

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  • Towers Magnetic Chess Set...

    $ 5.58 / Rs. 380
  • Magnetic Chess Set

    $ 6.98 / Rs. 475
  • Pocket Pastime : Chess &...

    $ 8.74 / Rs. 595
  • Royal Magnetic Chess

    $ 8.38 / Rs. 570
  • Indoor Games for Kids

    $ 6.02 / Rs. 410
  • Tournament Chess Game

    $ 9.11 / Rs. 620
  • Checkers

    $ 7.82 / Rs. 532
  • Ludo & Snake Ladder Game

    $ 5.00 / Rs. 340
  • Shatranj Ke Khiladi : Chess...

    $ 32.65 / Rs. 2222
  • Chinese Checkers : Chess &...

    $ 3.09 / Rs. 210
  • Classic Chess

    $ 9.15 / Rs. 623
  • Frosted and Clear Glass...

    $ 16.15 / Rs. 1099
  • Ceramic Chess Board Game

    $ 23.50 / Rs. 1599
  • Stylish Folding Magnetic...

    $ 14.69 / Rs. 1000
  • Interesting Annie Magnetic...

    $ 11.76 / Rs. 800

Buy Chess Board Online from

Chess is one of the oldest games in history. It’s one historical game which shows how genius you are. Chess is very helpful in brain development, particularly when it is played regularly from a very early age. Some of the historians believe that this game was originated in china whereas some believe that it was originated in India. Chess game becomes popular in all over the world in the second half of the 19th century. This game has developed with the time. In old times people used to think that this game is for people who have critical thinking abilities. However this game can be played by everyone. Age is not a factor when looking for an opponent. There is lot of benefits to playing chess. Some of the most important benefits are- It can raise your IQ, it helps prevent Alzheimer’s, it exercises both sides of the brain, it increase your creativity, it improves your memory, it increases problem solving skills, it improves reading skills, it improves concentration, it grows dendrites and it teaches planning and foresight. Teach your children how to play chess at an early age and help in his/her proper brain development. If you are thinking where can i buy a chess set for kids, visit to as you can buy chess board online from this website.

Online Shopping of Chess Sets for Kids

As there are many advantage of playing chess you should start playing this game if you don’t play this game. You can play this brainy game with your kid. Teach your kid how to play and enjoy playing intense chess matches after dinner. has provided options for online buying and sending of chess sets. Wooden chess sets are best for playing chess game in a proper way. It will make you feel like a professional chess player. Online shopping chess sets, chess board UK are some options that will provide you chess sets with abroad delivery facility. Along with these brainy games has also provided options for kid’s toys gifting. Buy big plush toys online, toy trucks for kids, kids umbrellas online shopping are some options that will provide you nice toys for kid’s gifting. You can buy games and toys for kids from this website as options available on this website will help you in getting your desired kid’s gift. is India’s largest gifting portal that offers worldwide delivery of gifts. You can buy gifts for every occasion and gifts for everyone from this website. offers high quality of product and best customer service for gifts delivery. Same day delivery of gifts and products free shipping in India are some nice delivery facility provided by this website. Make your gifting experience easy and exciting with