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Chocolates Online

  • KitKat and Milky Chocolate...

    $ 10.14 / Rs. 690
  • Almonds Milk Chocolates and...

    $ 11.17 / Rs. 760
  • Cadbury Chocolates and...

    $ 7.35 / Rs. 500
  • Box of Delicious Molded...

    $ 11.76 / Rs. 800
  • Dark Chocolate Bar with...

    $ 4.04 / Rs. 275
  • Football Shaped Handmade...

    $ 13.59 / Rs. 925
  • Lindt Excellence Chocolate...

    $ 9.92 / Rs. 675
  • Lindt Excellence 70% Cocoa...

    $ 8.08 / Rs. 550
  • 2 Layered Bamboo Plant with...

    $ 10.65 / Rs. 725
  • Hersheys Chocolate Bars...

    $ 20.57 / Rs. 1400
  • Chocolates in a Tray

    $ 8.80 / Rs. 599
  • Nestle delight, Oreo soft...

    $ 16.16 / Rs. 1100
  • Lindt Chocolates in a...

    $ 18.22 / Rs. 1240
  • Dairymilk and Gold Coin...

    $ 13.89 / Rs. 945
  • Chocolates in a Goodie Bag

    $ 10.27 / Rs. 699
  • Love Card with Chocolates...

    $ 11.01 / Rs. 749
  • Roses & Chocolate Combo

    $ 19.82 / Rs. 1349
  • Roses & Cadbury...

    $ 9.54 / Rs. 649
  • Queens Jelly and United...

    $ 7.35 / Rs. 500
  • Toffees and Chocolates Combo

    $ 11.74 / Rs. 799
  • Nestle Milk Chocolate with...

    $ 13.22 / Rs. 900

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Why Is A Chocolate Gift Best For Any Occasion?

If you are looking to order chocolates online for yourself or for your loved ones then check out classy collection of Online chocolate store of Buy imported as well as homemade chocolates online from our huge mouth watering collection and melt hearts of your dear ones in a special way.

You can buy Cadbury chocolates online or Order Imported Chocolates Online like Godiva, Toblerone, Lindt Excellence, Snickers, Ferrero Rochers and much more from our assortment of lip smacking delicacies to make your special celebration extraordinary. Take a look. The most special occasions are the occasions of Birthday and Anniversary for which you might be looking out for gifts. Have a look below:

Chocolate hampers for Birthday ? Delectable chocolates make a perfect gift for Birthdays. Birthdays are one of the most special events in a person’s life. They mark a new beginning and the birthday boy or girl is energized and charged up for the year ahead. These days demand a great chocolate hamper definitely. Go for imported chocolates like Lindt, Lindor, etc or go for Cadbury Celebrations gift pack according to your preference.

Chocolates for Anniversary ? To celebrate the moment of togetherness, chocolates are the best. These are the kind of gift, no one dislikes receiving. Everyone enjoys the flavour of chocolates.

Wedding customized chocolates ? For weddings, we have special chocolate hampers like imported chocolate hampers. Lindt comes in various flavours. Suit your need and go for the best. Pick from a range of flavours like Blueberry Intense, Caramel Brownie, etc.

Get The Details Of Chocolate Gift Pack With Price

Before you send a gift to anyone, it is essential to get all the details of it. Which is why, we provide you with all the detailed information of the product as well as the whole category page. If you are wondering how to gift chocolates to someone, we are here to your rescue. You can send delectable chocolates hassle free to your dear ones just anywhere in the world. Send Lindor chocolates online to India free of cost.

Lindt Lindor chocolates are one of the most preferred as a gift. These chocolates have a huge potential to melt hearts and tickle taste buds. Send these chocolates to your dear ones and make them feel special and loved. Get vivid flavours in this chocolate to choose from. Apart from Lindt chocolates, we have Cadbury Celebrations Chocolate which is a classic in taste. This is the best gift for anyone and of any age. This chocolate is love by all. A gift of chocolate is perfect and the most special as it delights the sense.

Beguiling Belgian Chocolates

Belgian chocolates are famous worldwide for their refined tastes and for the beguiling experience a munch on them gives. However, there are plenty of Belgian chocolates brands, but for their unique taste, the Belgian chocolates are a brand themselves. Be it a brand like Gurdun chocolates or homemade chocolates from local chocolatier, Belgian chocolates are a treat to have.

Greet you loved ones with the refined tastes of Belgian chocolates from has to offer you some of the most exotic chocolate brands in the world. Buy a pack of the world famous Gurdun exquisite Belgian chocolates on any occasion and we bet it would make a brilliant gift. It’s how they are made and the tastes are blended in different ingredients that make Belgian Chocolates an exotic chocolate brand.

Order Delicious Chocolate Boxes Through

Get an opportunity to discover thousands of unique gifts for every occasion here. Online gifting with us is super convenient and also hassle free as we have services like free shipping and same day delivery for you. Send chocolates to USA, UK, etc, through us with just one click.